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MSP® Practitioner

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The Managing Successful Programs (MSP®) Practitioner Course provides an opportunity to learn how MSP can be applied to real live programs and prepares participants for the MSP Practitioner examination.

This level is aiming to confirm that a candidate has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the MSP guidance to act as an informed member of a program management team. That is, someone responsible for managing, leading, supporting or advising on work within an MSP environment.

The course is entirely focused at applying MSP in program scenarios. Exercises will be based on a case study with a similar format to that used in the APM Group Practitioner Exam. This case study will be used to test the thorough understanding of the application of MSP.

At the end of this course, participants will gain competencies in / the ability to:
  • Identify additional value as a result of managing the described change as an MSP program.
  • Explain each of the MSP principles, the governance themes and the transformational flow activities.
  • Explain the relationship between the MSP principles, governance themes, the transformational flow, program information (documents) and the MSP defined program management roles and can apply that understanding.
  • Apply each of the MSP principles, governance themes and transformational flow processes.
  • Produce or evaluate examples of MSP program information (documents).
  • Identify activities that should be undertaken during each of the processes of the transformational flow together with the accountabilities and responsibilities of each of the defined roles.
  • Understand which management products are input to, output from, and updated in each of the six transformational flow processes.
  • Pass the Practitioner exam./


  • Program Managers who may have a background in managing projects, but have not previously operated in a transformational change environment./li>
  • Senior Managers who will “sponsor” the change, or perhaps be held accountable for its success.
  • Program Office Staff (PMO) wishing to build upon their project management knowledge.
  • Experienced Project Managers.
  • BCMs
  • SROs
  • Other specialist/governance roles involved in supporting programs following the MSP guidance together with those wishing to pursue higher level qualifications (e.g., program managers).


  • Participants must have passed the MSP Foundation examination.
  • Participants should ideally have experience of managing or working in programs prior to attending. Knowledge of the PRINCE2® project management method is advantageous, but by no means mandatory. Some exposure to a project management method will aid understanding of how the program works with these projects.


  • MSP® INTRODUCTION & OVERVIEW - What is a program? What is program management? MSP® Structure.
  • MSP® FRAMEWORK AND CONCEPTS - Principles, governance themes, transformational flow, management strategies and plans.
  • VISION - What is a Vision? What makes a good Vision Statement?
  • IDENTIFYING A PROGRAM - Program Mandate. Linking to Policy and Strategy. Preparing a Program Brief. Planning to Define the Program.
  • BLUEPRINT DESIGN AND DELIVERY - What is a Blueprint, and what does it contain? Developing a Blueprint from the Vision Statement.
  • DEFINING A PROGRAM - Creating a Program Definition Document (including the Project Dossier, the Program Plan and the Program Business Case).
  • PLANNING AND CONTROL - What is a Program Plan and how is it developed? The Project Dossier. Resourcing and scheduling.
  • BENEFITS REALIZATION MANAGEMENT - The key driver for the program. How Benefits Realization links to achieving strategic objectives. Outcome relationship models and Benefit Maps. Planning for benefits realization./
  • ORGANIZATION AND THE PROGRAM OFFICE - Organization and leadership. Organizational structure, the key roles and their responsibilities. What is a Program Office and what service does it provide.
  • THE BUSINESS CASE - Developing, managing and reviewing the program’s Business Case.
  • LEADERSHIP AND STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT - Leadership as opposed to management. How “leaders” actively engage stakeholders. Analyzing and engaging with stakeholders. Stakeholder maps and matrices.< i="">
  • MANAGING THE TRANCHES - Implementing governance arrangements. Establishing tranches. Managing risks and issues.
  • DELIVERING THE CAPABILITY AND REALIZING THE BENEFITS - Co-ordinating and managing projects on the Project Dossier. Starting and closing projects. Maintaining alignment with the program.
  • Ensuring that project outputs are fit for purpose and can be integrated into operations, so that benefits can be realised. Pre-transition, transition and post-transition activities.
  • QUALITY MANAGEMENT - Critical Success Factors. The scope of program quality management. Quality processes. Configuration Management. Quality Management Strategy and Plan. Information Management Strategy and Plan.
  • RISK MANAGEMENT AND ISSUE RESOLUTION - Principles, approach and strategy for managing risks and resolving issues. Managing and controlling changes in programs.
  • CLOSING A PROGRAM - Formal confirmation of completion. Finalizing


Eksamen tilbys siste kursdag, men kostnaden er ikke inkludert i kurset og medfører en ekstra kostnad på: kr 3200+ mva. / exam is offered at the end of the last day in the course but is not included in the course price. Extra cost: NOK 3200,- + mva.

The MSP Practitioner exam consists of:
  • Eight questions, each worth 10 marks each. Total of 80 marks.
  • “Objective Test Examination” format—a complex, multiple-choice examination.
  • Two and a half hours duration.
  • Delegates may use their official MSP manual, “Managing Successful Programs” (only).
  • Candidates require a minimum of 40 marks (50%) to pass.

Please note that candidates must pass the Foundation exam before attempting the Practitioner exam. By successfully passing the Practitioner exam, delegates attain “Registered Practitioner” status.

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