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Intermediate Perl

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Perl was created in 1987, and in growing up it has attracted system administrators, web developers, bioinformaticians, and application devlopers among its ranks. The language itself has also evolved; Perl today does not look like Perl in the nineties.

Come learn how to write Perl effectively and idiomatically, with all the tools and techniques discovered since we decided that declaring variables is a good idea. Learn from the experts how to write modern, enlightened, maintainable Perl.


People with an understanding of the Perl basics, who want to take their knowledge of the language and its toolset one step further.


Knowledge about variables, if statements and for loops, file I/O, arrays and hashes, references.

About the instructor
From business applications to compiler writing, and from .Net to Perl, Jonathan has a wide range of software development experience. He deeply believes that good development has to be a strongly holistic activity, drawing on mathematics, engineering, linguistics, economics, psychology and more. By looking at insights from many fields, he works hard to deliver solid and maintainable software solutions. Originally from the UK, and having spent time in Spain and Slovakia, Jonathan is currently based in Sweden. Jonathan is also a very active open source contributor, and a popular speaker at a range of international workshops and conferences.

About the instructor
Carl has extensive experience in software development and software architecture, both in active use, blogging, and teaching. He uses a variety of programming languages daily. Carl has worked in the software industry for the last 15 years. His experience spans over a wide range of paradigms and platforms, and he has developed everything from custom web site design and bioinformatics toolkits to grammar engines and compilers. His specialty is to make systems coordinate and systematize large amounts of heterogeneous data - or, more casual, "bringing order out of chaos." He also likes to heal major systems that are in need of an architect.


Day 1

use strict:
  • From scripter to developer
  • Do not ignore warnings
  • Failing fast
Stuff you need to know
  • Scoping
  • Slicing
  • Context
  • Closures
  • map, grep and sort
  • Introduction to Moose
  • Classes
  • Methods
  • Attributes
  • Roles
  • Under the hood
  • The MOP
  • Searching
  • Installing modules
  • CPAN Testers
  • Reviews
  • Filing/tracking bugs

Day 2

Essential Modules
  • Data::Dumper
  • Carp
  • DateTime
  • Dancer
  • Log4perl
  • Try::Tiny
  • autodie
  • XML::LibXML
  • Template::Toolkit
  • LWP::UserAgent
  • DBIx::Class
Parsing and matching
  • Regexp::Grammars
  • Advanced regex features
  • Smartmatching
  • Testing modules
  • Writing testable code
  • Coverage
  • Profiling (Devel::NYTProf)
  • Deparse
  • Perl::Tidy
  • Perl::Critic
The Perl Community
  • Perl Monger groups
  • Conferences and workshops
Perl 6
  • Two Perls
  • The good parts
  • A bit of the future, today

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