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ISTQB Advanced Level Test Analyst (2+2 dager)

Kursavgift: kr 19 500 | Varighet: 4 dager


ISTQB Advanced Level Test Analyst is a follow-up course to ISTQB Foundation. The course provides deeper understanding of test analysis and test design.

The course ISTQB Advanced Level Test Analyst includes reviews and techniques for testing without insight to how the code has been written. You gain a large toolbox for handling complex systems with different quality characteristics. You develop your ability to apply techniques using the toolbox, which leads to cost effective testing work.

Kurs 1: 8-9. mai 2017
kurs 2: 18-19. mai 2017

Dr Magnus C. Ohlsson has focused on development and quality assurance of software for almost 20 years, and today he is a Quality Specialist and Test Strategist at System Verification, specialising in process improvement. He has a master’s degree from the University College of Karlskrona/Ronneby and a Ph.D. from the Technical University of Lund. He has published several articles and is the co-author of the book Experimentation in Software Engineering. Magnus C. Ohlsson leads our courses in Basic Testing design, Applied Testing Design and Applied Testing Management.


The course is suitable if you work with system testing, system integrations and acceptance testing and have at least three years of experience with test design and test execution.


Certificate at ISTQB Foundation Level or equivalent is a precondition. It must be issued at least six months before sitting the exam. SSTB recommends a completed ISTQB accredited course at Advanced Level, as well as at least three years of experience of testing work related to the Test Analyst course content. You must be approved by SSTB in order to sit for the examination. A fee for certification will be charged.


Test techniques based on specifications
  • Equivalence partitioning
  • Boundary value analysis
  • Decision tables
  • State transition testing
  • Pair-wise testing
  • Use case/story testing
  • Domain analysis
  • Combinations of techniques
Defect based testing
  • Taxonomies
Experience based testing
  • Error-guessing
  • Exploratory testing
  • Checklists
Testing of Software Quality Characteristics
  • Functionality, Usability, Accessability and related sub attributes

Defect management

Tools for test design and automation


The exam is not included in the training. To book exam time please contact our test center on the following link:
Glasspaper testsenter

Exam price for ISTQB Advanced Level Test Analtyst test is NOK 4300,- + mva

About the exam:
The Foundation Level exam comprises 60 multiple-choice questions, with a scoring of 1 point for each correct answer, a pass mark of at least 65% and a duration of 180 minutes (or 225 minutes for candidates taking exams that are not in their native language).

Please note you need to hold the ISTQB Level Foundation Exam to take this test

This course is conducted and delivered in cooperation with our partner Bilgeadam.

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