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P3o® Practitioner

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Around the world, there are many organizations in both the public and private sectors, who recognise that their portfolio, programme and project management is best supported through a delivery support office. PRINCE2®, Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®), Management of Portfolio’s (MOP® )and Management of Risk (M_o_R®) all touch on the need to provide adequate support structures. P3O® provides a single source of information for guidance or advice on setting up or running an effective delivery support office.

Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O®) is a Best Management Practice certification that brings together a set of principles, processes and techniques to facilitate effective portfolio, programme and project management through enablement, challenge and support structures.

Course and Learning Objectives:
The purpose of the Practitioner course is to obtain sufficient knowledge and understanding of the P3O® guidance to design, implement, manage or work within any component office of a P3O® model. Candidates will have an overall understanding of the elements, roles, functions and tools and techniques deployed in a generalized P3O model. Additional training may be required if the candidate is to take up one of the specialist roles in the P3O organization.


P3O Practitioner is aimed at candidates wanting to take an active role in any of the offices described in the P3O model. While it is particularly suited to candidates fulfilling the management, generic or functional roles described in Appendix A of the P3O guide, it will also be relevant others who see the P3O model as a framework for a career path.


For undertaking the Practitioner exam you need to successfully hav passed the P3o Foundation exam


Concepts covered:

The course will cover the following topics:
  • Introduction
  • What Is A P3O® Model
  • Why Have A P3O®
  • How To Implement Or To Re-Energize A P3O
  • Tools And Techniques
  • Sample Foundations exams
  • Foundation exam

Course approach

  • An Introduction to P3O® - Discussing why, when and how to use P3O® models in-cluding the difference between portfolio, programmes and project environments and their different requirements
  • Value - What value P3O® can bring to the organization including a business case, funding models and performance measures
  • Model - An overview of the different P3O® models with examples
  • Functions and Techniques - Details on the functions/services and techniques/tools used by units of a P3O® model.

Course materials:

Students will receive an P3O® Practitioner classroom workbook containing all of the presentation materials, course notes, case study and sample exams. As a prerequisite students need to acquire the official AXELOS P3O® manual.


The Practitioner Exam is open book. It takes 2 1/2 hours and has 4 questions, 20 marks each. Maximum score is 80 marks. 50% or 40 marks is sufficient to pass. The pass mark is 35. Exam is not included in the price, and costs: 2500,- eks. mva

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